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Blue Prosperity Micronesia is a five-year partnership between the FSM Government and the Blue Prosperity Coalition to support the sustainable growth of marine resources. This government-led program will build upon and integrate with existing program within and commitments from the FSM, working closely with local and international organizations to accomplish its goals. This program aims to optimize ocean uses, protect 30% of the FSM’s waters, strengthen fisheries management, and help develop marine industries to improve the environment and livelihoods for future generations.

National Task Force

Department of Resources & Development (Chair)

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority

Department of Finance

Department of Justice

Department of Environment, Climate Change and Emergency Management (DECCEM)

Department of Foreign Affairs

Office of National Archive, Culture and Historic Preservation

Chuuk State Department of Marine Resources

Pohnpei State Department of Resources & Development

Yap State Department of Resources & Development

Kosrate State Department of Resources & Economic Affairs







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Yolanda Joab Mori

Program Coordinator

Yolanda brings her extensive experience as a community organizer and activist to BPM to help plan, guide, and implement program activities as Program Coordinator. She also serves as the Secretariat to the Government Task Force. 

Yolanda is also the founder of Island PRIDE Micronesia, a grassroots program dedicated to supporting the leadership of women and youths across the nation. Yolanda most recently served as President Panuelo’s Advocate on Climate Change. She has also been a keynote speaker at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, World Forum on Natural Capital, United Nations ECOSOC Youth Forum, the UN High Level Political Forum, and is an alumnus of the inaugural Obama Foundation Leaders Program for the Asia Pacific. She’s worked on community-based climate change adaptation and education, with focus on women and youth engagement across the FSM for ten years and serves on the Board for the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth.

Beverlyn Fred

Program Assistant

Bev was born in Chuuk and raised in Pohnpei. In 2016, she moved with her husband and children to Chuuk and worked with the Micronesia Red Cross Society. In 2019, she was hired as the Chuuk State Protected Areas Network (PAN) Coordinator at the Department of Marine Resources (DMR). In this capacity, she worked with different programs such as the FSM Ridge to Reef Program, the FSM Adaptation Fund Project, as well as participation on the BPM Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) working group. During her time at DMR, Bev discovered her passion in working with community members and learning from them about their local ways of implementing conservation efforts and their resilience to natural disasters.


Bev returned to Pohnpei in 2022 and now joins the BPM team as the BPM Program Assistant. She is excited to continue working with communities in conservation and protecting their livelihoods for today and tomorrow.

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